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Adjustable Rearsets

Maximise your potential and fine tune your machine to your exact requirements. R&G Rearsets are trusted the world over, on the road as well as the race track for their quality, range of adjustable and ease of installation and setup. Made from lightweight race grade aluminium for high strength and durable product. R&G rearsets provide a large scope of adjustment to exactly taylor the position of the footrests and lever controls to suit the rider.

Adventure Bars

Not only for ‘adventure bikes’ but also for bikes where our usual Aero Crash Protectors are unsuitable or impossible to mount – or for people who simply prefer bars! Adventure bars offer substantial protection to the fairing and engine cases. Cleverly designed bars that will allow you to ride home after a minor spill.

Adventure Rack

Aero Knee Sliders

As used by top riders in BSB amongst others and available in a range of colours for your knee dragging pleasure! R&G Aero Knee sliders have been developed with the feedback of pro racers and road riders alike for better feel, feedback and greater confidence.

Bar End Sliders

R&G bar-end protectors are made from stainless steel and HDPE, which are a direct replacement for the original manufactured item. Our range of bar-end sliders is growing fast and they can be fitted in seconds. Should you drop or crash your bike, the end of your bar is likely to be scraped, even if you have been wise enough to have fitted our frame and fairing crash protectors. They are designed not to snap off on impact and produced to protect your bar end and upper fairing/screen in most crash situations.

Bar Ends (Stainless Steel)


The Barkbusters brand of handguards was first manufactured in Australia in 1984. Rideworx CEO Matthew Phillpott has over 30 years' experience in the motorcycle industry and his enthusiasm for riding motorcycles has helped develop the finest handguards available on the market today. In the design of all Barkbusters products, Rideworx is committed to incorporating style, strength, durability and ease of fit. Rideworx manufacturing, research and development facility is located on the picturesque south coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Barkbusters Accessories

Barkbuster Accessories and Spare Parts

Bash Plate

If you are heading off-road, then these bash plates are a must have. Protecting the engine cases and oil coolers from rocks, stones and logs, they are invaluable to make sure you get home. Also highly useful against road debris that is found in everyday riding.

Bike Covers

You protect your pride and joy from damage on the road, so why should that stop at home? From lightweight dust covers for indoor storage, to rugged waterproof covers for outdoor use, we have you covered.

Blanking Plates

If you don't take passengers, or you have a track bike, these blanking plates finish the tail off nicely. Cover the bolt holes left when foot pegs are removed and stop debris build up from getting in the threads. Easy to fit and really tidy up the sub frame.

Boot Guards

R&G Boot Guard kits are available for a large range of bike styles and brands, with new applications released regularly. The unique R&G texture was specifically designed to be durable, providing the rider with a buffer between his boot on the exposed areas of the swingarm which can (on occasion) come into contact with each other during cornering causing wear and unwanted damage to the swingarm or boots (both expensive to fix!).

Brake Lines

OEM brake hoses deteriorate over time and should be replaced before they become cracked. Braided lines not only last far longer, but they do not 'bulge' under pressure. This give you much better brake performance as you are not having to compensate for the bulging brake line!

Carbon Fibre Shock Cover

Made from the same high quality carbon fibre as used in our Tank and Tail Sliders these shock covers are an essential accessory for protecting the exposed shock in the event of a crash or drop.

Carbon Fibre Tail Sliders

R&G Tail Sliders are made from Kevlar-reinforced Carbon Fibre and widely used in the BSB race paddock, offering excellent crash protection and wear resistance. There specially moulded shape (developed using the latest 3D scanning and modelling technologies) allow for an exact fit onto the intended tail, designed to fit on the most pronounced corners and areas likely to be damaged/impacted in the event of a crash or drop. Application takes only minutes and they could save you having to replace your tail plastics.

Carbon Fibre Tank Sliders

R&G Tank Sliders are made from Kevlar-reinforced Carbon Fibre and widely used in the BSB race paddock, offering excellent crash protection and wear resistance. There specially moulded shape (developed using the latest 3D scanning and modelling technologies) allow for an exact fit onto the intended tank, designed to fit on the most pronounced corners and areas likely to be damaged/impacted in the event of a crash or drop. Application takes only minutes and they could save you having to replace your tank.

Chain and Belt Guards

R&G Chain Guards offer complete chain coverage from near the swingarm pivot point to past the rear sprocket. Ensuring the chain is fully protected as well as preventing material licking up off the chain and onto the tyres. Made from aluminium (in most cases), R&G Chain Guards are easy to install using existing mounts. Finished in Brushed Aluminium allowing for a high quality, durable finish that looks fantastic.

Cleaning/Lubication - Gleam range

R&G Motorcycle Gleam range is here #ProjectClean The R&G Gleam range is made up of 16 products specifically designed to keep your motorcycle clean and protected. R&G Gleam is an affordable range including Chain Cleaner, Degreaser, Disc Brake Cleaner, Silicone Shine, Helmet Fresh, Bike Wash, Waterless Bike Wash, Anit-fog solution, Helmet & Visor Cleaner, Everyday Chain Lube, Dry and Wet lube, Nano Coating and Corrosion Shield. For easy, stress-free cleaning try the new R&G Gleam Range today!


Stay Safe. Stay Legal. Stop Breaking Blinkers! CLICKnRIDE® removable turn indicators. Simply click them in and out in seconds and start enjoying a hassle-free ride. Too easy! Quick Release Turn Indicators- No tools – simply click them out by hand in seconds and store them safely in your backpack while you go off road.

Cotton Reels

Cotton reels are oversize paddock stand bobbins, which screw into the paddock stand holes in your swingarm. They offer the dual purpose of protecting your swingarm and enabling the bike to be lifted on a rear stand. Check out our range of paddock stand hooks, which are compatible with many different paddock stands.

Crash Protectors

With bespoke designs for over 350+ models of motorcycle there is bound to be an application for your bike. These are not "mushrooms"! Unlike most of our competitors, we use de-embrittled high-tensile steel bolts which are designed to bend on impact rather than to shear or snap. In addition, we add compression sleeves inside the bobbins which are designed to allow the retaining bolts to be torqued to the correct specification and not to work loose though vibration.

Cruiser Accessories

Motorcycle Cruiser Accessories by R&G Racing

Cylinder Head Guard

They improve the looks of your bike and help to protect expensive and vulnerable front mounted engine components from flying debris such as cylinder heads and oil filters. Available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel constructions.

Denali Accessories

Now you have your lights, there are a number of accessories to ensure you get the most out of them. From universal to bike specific light mounts, and the unrivalled Denali PowerHub2, it’s time to customise your bike.

Denali Lights

Whether you are looking to improve your night riding visibility, or you want to make sure you are seen, Denali lights have you in the spotlight. If it’s a large flood light you are looking for, or smaller, more discreet daytime running lights, Denali will light up the road ahead, without drawing much power.

Denali Sound

Your make sure you can be seen, but you need to make sure you are heard. With 120dB of sound, the Denali SoundBomb horns are the best way to make sure other road users know you are there. Don't rely on your stock horn, hoping someone will hear you. Be heard, be safe.

DIY Moulded Ear Plugs

The average window noise at 70mph is 100dB. A short time at these levels can lead to hearing loss or 'ringing'. Protect yourself from damages with the DIY Moulded Ear Plugs. Mix the two materials together and make yourself a set of custom fit earplugs to give you the best protection. Don't just protect your bike!

Downpipe Grilles

It's not only the radiator and oil coolers that need protecting. Downpipe grills cover the downpipes, obviously, but also the front of the engine. Stones flung up by the front wheel at high speed can cause chips to the paintwork of the engine, leading to premature corrosion. Install a downpipe grill to keep the front of your engine chip free!

Engine Case Covers

Engine case covers are expensive. Fact. If you are unlucky enough to find your bike sliding down the tarmac, you don't want to have to worry about debris getting inside the engine due to a worn cover. Get your covers protected with our 4mm Polypropylene Engine Case Covers which are bespoke designed to match the contours of the OEM cover.

Engine Case Covers Kits

Our industry leading engine case covers are now available in kit form containing all the engine case covers we offer for your bike in one kit. Developed on track and brought to the road our engine case covers are made from 4mm polypropylene for strength, durability and good looks, they complement our other crash protection perfectly and come approved by the California Superbike School.

Engine Case Guards

Made from 3mm Aluminium sheet, our Engine Case Guards offer essential protection to the exposed engine casing, wiring and other critical components that are exposed on a lot of off and on road machines. Protecting them in the same way a bash plate would from debris kicked up by the wheel and frontal impacts while off-roading.

Engine Case Sliders

Engine Case Sliders are designed to complement our crash protectors by providing extra protection to the engine cases. Bolting to the cover, these sliders will touch down and save the expensive engine case from the road.

Exhaust Hangers

If you don't take a pillion, exhaust hangers are a great way to finish off, and replace, the rear foot pegs. It doesn't look good to only remove one foot peg and leave the other because you need it to mount the exhaust. Exhaust hangers completely replace the foot peg and give you a strong, stylish place to mount the exhaust. You can also get a kit (not all bikes are available) that included a footrest blanking plate for the opposite side to cover up the bolt holes left when the foot peg is removed.

Exhaust Protectors

Why risk damaging you expensive OE or aftermarket exhaust? Fitting an R&G exhaust protector can save you hundreds in the event of a drop or slide. A simple solution to an expensive accident.

Exhaust Sliders

Mounting to the OEM exhaust, these sliders give much needed protection to the expensive exhaust can.

Fender Extenders

R&G Fender Extenders offer additional protection to front-mounted coolers, downpipes and fairing panels from debris, road grit, mud and water kicked up by the front wheel. Attaching to the motorcycle's front mud guard / fender via included adhesive strips and pop rivets, installation takes only minutes.

Footboard Sliders

R&G Footboard Sliders are effectively Crash protectors for your scooter. Made from the same high quality materials as our industry-leading aero crash protectors, Footboard Sliders mount directly into the OEM tread plate boards of the scooter and are designed to reduce damage to the scooter in the event of a drop or slide.

Fork Protectors

Fork legs are one of the first parts of a bike to touch the ground when the bike goes over. They are very simple to fit and are designed to give you the factory look! Starting from as little as £20, you could save yourself hundreds of pounds on a new fork leg.

Frame Plugs

Frame Plugs are neat little inserts that cover the holes in the OEM frame. They cover the unsightly bolts that are holding your frame together, adding to the stylish looks the designers were going for!

Garage Mats

Give your pride and joy the life of luxury and make it the envy of all the other motorcycles in the neighbourhood with an R&G Garage or Workshop Motorcycle Mat! Available in either Garage - 2m x 0.75m or Workshop - 2m x 1.5m sizes, they are designed to fit even the largest motorcycles. Giving you a clean and soft area to kneel on and store tools, bolts or components, whilst working on your motorcycle.

General Accessories

From knee sliders to grip glue, and tank pads to visor stickers, we have a range of accessories to enhance your ride. Don't get cold hands and make sure you bike is being transported safely, here you will find add ons to help steer you in the right direction.


Our leather gloves are reinforced with two layers of leather and two protectors on the palm to prevent damage to your scaphoid bone in the wrist. The thumb and index finger are fitted with a non-slip material, and the knuckles are Carbon Fibre reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® with padding. The glove is articulated to improve comfort for the rider so no matter how long you are in the saddle, you will be comfortable.

Handlebar Clamp

Replacing the stock handlebar clamp, these R&G clamps improve the look of your otherwise very eye catching machine!

Headlight Guard

R&G Headlight Guards offer protection to your headlight from debris/stone impacts that might cause damage or even crack your OE headlight glass. The seamless frame is constructed from a single sheet of Stainless Steel, bespoke machined and precision folded for a superb exact fit. The lens shield is made of 2mm polycarbonate, allowing high light transition as well as offering a tough second skin barrier to the OE headlight, ensuring both maximum visibility and strength are maintained. Securely fixed in place with wellnuts set into the stainless steel frame makes the R&G Headlight Guard a must for any adventure rider.

Headlight Shields

R&G Headlight shields are engineered for protection and style. Protecting your expensive headlights from debris kicked up from the road, our headlight shields are easy to fit, with no modification needed to your bike and they are easily removed for cleaning. R&G Headlight Shields are made from clear acrylic and specially designed to fit a range of bikes that's ever growing.

Heated Grips

R&G Heated Grips fit 22mm (7/8 inch) and 25.4mm (1") diameter handlebars/clipons and are 124mm (4.9inches) in length (the most common grip sizes for modern motorcycles). In only two minutes the grips heat up to 35°C (95°F) and on those really cold days, increase the heat setting (using the easy-to-use one-touch control box) to get warmth up to a toasty 60°C (140°F)!

Indicators and Adapters

When fitting smaller aftermarket indicators, you are left with a large hole where the OEM indicator once sat. Our indicator adapters cover these holes and allow you to mount your indicators safely without worrying about them moving about when you are riding.

Instrument Fascia

R&G Instrument Fascia’s are make from high quality stainless steel, and allow you to reposition the ignition on to the dash. This not only improves the classic look of the bikes, but also makes life easier not having to fumble around for the key.

Kaoko Throttle Stabilizers

Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer kits are an essential product for every rider. The kit consists of a simple, ingenious and robustly designed friction nut that is integral with a special Kaoko handle bar end weight. The Kaoko bar end weight is closely matched in appearance and weight to the Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) end weight. - See more at:

Kickstand Shoes

Kickstand Shoes bolt onto the bottom of the side stand, to enlarge the original’s footprint by up to 100%, significantly spreading the load placed upon it, to help prevent the stand ‘piercing’ the ground. Despite this enlargement, the Shoe does not affect ground clearance or interfere with the chain run during normal riding.

Lever Guard

Originally conceived in Moto2 but now adopted by almost every motorcycle body worldwide (ACU, MSVR, FIM, AMA) and required for racing, the 'Lever Guard' was developed to help avoid the accidental engagement of the front brake lever during close wheel to wheel racing (either from accidental contact with another bike or even a rider) but can equally be applied to road riding, protecting your lever(s) from wing mirror strikes while filters; again potentially causing front brake engagement.

Licensed Products

Products made by R&G under license from Manufacturers - Contact your bike dealer for products found in this section

Lockstop Savers

If you are going onto a track, then these are a no brainer. The OEM lockstops are part of the frame, and snap easily during a violent headshake. These lock stops will prevent the lower yoke from coming into contact with the OEM lockstops, meaning there is no chance of them snapping. If they are snapped, the insurance company will write the bike off instantly. Protect your bike from as little as £11!

LS2 Helmets

Merchandise and Apparel

From knee sliders to grip glue, and tank pads to visor stickers, we have a range of accessories to enhance your ride. Don't get cold hands and make sure you bike is being transported safely, here you will find add ons to help steer you in the right direction.

Mirror Blanking Plates

If you have a track bike or have changed to bar end mirrors then cover up the bolt holes left by the mirrors for the sleek OEM look.

Mirror Risers

Risers are perfect for increasing rearward visibility while riding, raising the mirror by 45mm further up from original. Easy to fit, simply unscrew your mirrors, screw the adaptor in place, and then screw your mirrors into the adapters. Available in a large range of size and thread options to fit almost every motorcycle.

Nano Coating

Revolutionary all-surface treatment spray-on / wipe-off cleaning & protective solution which makes cleaning your motorcycle and keeping it clean easy! Repelling water, oil and dirt from any surface of your bike that the Nano spray is applied to as well as preventing sun oxidisation and paint fade, ensuring your bike looks its very best for years! Comes pre-mixed for easy, ready-to-apply application in an easy-to-use spray bottle and includes a quality microfibre cloth for effortless buffing and a fantastic streak-free finish.

Oil Cooler Guards

It’s not only your radiator you need to protect. Your oil cooler is a vital component that needs the same great protection. They are available in a black power coated finish and are made from pressed aluminium and feature a neat, seamless frame. Protect your oil cooler from road debris, and make sure a stone doesn't spoil your day.

Paddock Stand Bobbins

Paddock stand bobbins speak for themselves. They allow you to raise the rear of the bike on a paddock stand.

Paddock Stand Hooks

R&G Paddock Stand Hooks allow you to mount your bike onto a Paddock stand with ease. They are designed for use in conjunction with an R&G Paddock Stand. These Hooks are sold in pairs, they're simple to use and, simple to fit. Our Paddock Stand Hooks are easy to locate onto the stand thanks to their enlarged collar design.

Paddock Stands

Paddock stands are an essential garage item. From cleaning the bike, to storing it off the ground, paddock stands are a must for any biker to own. With models to suit every bike, whether you have a single sided or conventional dual sided swingarm, you are sure to find one that will soon become your best friend in the garage.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Radiator Guards (Aluminium)

Damage to a bike doesn't only come from crashes – a stone through the radiator from everyday riding can cost you just as much money and equally ruin your day. R&G Radiator Guards are constructed from robust aluminium mesh and frame that doesn't restrict the flow of cooling air but adds a secondary layer of protection, preventing debris flicked up by other road users (or even your own front wheel) from causing damage to the expensive cooling systems. Available in a large range of fitments and colour options.

Radiator Guards (Branded)

Our Branded Radiator Guards have been specially designed with bike enthusiasts in mind, each kit containing a unique design made to compliment your bike. These exciting new Branded Radiator Guards are more than just visually outstanding, their stainless steel construction allows the guard to be incredibly strong and impervious to rust. Each laser-cut guard is crafted with a specific bike series in mind, boasting a distinctive design, while still allowing maximum airflow to the radiator so that cooling isn't compromised. The guard attaches easily and quickly to the radiator by utilising the existing mounting bolts. No modifications need to be made to the bike to install.

Radiator Guards (Stainless)

The R&G Stainless Steel Radiator Guard is a more rugged version of the R&G aluminium offering and is aimed particularly at adventure bike riders, constructed from stainless steel, allowing the guard to be incredibly strong and impervious to rust – perfect for bikes and riders who may tackle demanding terrains and conditions. The CNC finished, laser-cut guards are designed for maximum airflow to the radiator so that cooling isn’t compromised; making the radiator guard as good looking as it is purposeful. The guards attach easily and quickly to the front of the radiator, utilising existing mountings (where available).

Radiator Guards (Titanium)

Damage to a bike doesn't only come from crashes – a stone through the radiator from everyday riding can cost you just as much money and equally ruin your day. R&G Radiator Guards are constructed from robust aluminium mesh and frame that doesn't restrict the flow of cooling air but adds a secondary layer of protection, preventing debris flicked up by other road users (or even your own front wheel) from causing damage to the expensive cooling systems. Available in a large range of fitments and colour options.

Radiator Sliders

Radiator Sliders are designed to protect the expensive and exposed radiator. Fixing to original mounts, they are low profile and give the OEM look with added protection!

RDMOTO Tuning Accessories

RD Moto produce a range of stylish aluminium anodised motorcycle tuning accessories in-house from their HQ in Lukavice, Czech Republic. With applications for a vast range of motorcycle models in a large range of colour and size options. Including Fork Stem Nuts, Oil Cap and Paddock Stand Bobbins applications!

Rear Huggers

When riding in the wet, a lot of water and dirt is flung from the rear tyre onto the under tray and rear shock. An R&G rear hugger will drastically reduce the amount of water and dirt that hit the rear shock, helping to extend its serviceable life.

Rectifier Bracket

Our rectifier brackets reposition the regulator/Rectifier into a different place to stock. This is generally to clean up the look of the bike, but it can also have a positive impact on the clearance between two parts of the bike.

Red Dynamic Fuel Cap / Yoke Protectors

Red Dynamic offer an expanding range of stylish Carbon Fibre effect motorcycle fuel cap and yoke protectors. The resin topped carbon fibre effect protectors offer a rich luxury finish whilst adds both style and providing protection from key and keyrings damage to those otherwise exposed metal components.

Scorpion Exhausts

Second Skin

R&G Second Skin stone chip protection film is a non-yellowing (UV Stable), ultra-tough, easy-to-apply, polyurethane protective film. Designed to protect your road or track motorcycle from stone chips, road salt, tar, abrasions, fairing stress fractures and bodywork/fuel tank scratches from general use. The unique properties of our protection film enable it to disperse the impact energy of gravel and small stones, bouncing them off and leaving your bodywork untouched beneath.

Shock Cover

Protect your rear shock absorber from the mud and water thrown up by the rear wheel. The crucial bearings in the base of the shock are very open to the elements and can fail if water and dirt get in. These shock covers are designed to help protect the shock from this and extend the life of the bearings.


Shocktubes are vital for keeping your shock in 'as new' condition. The Shocktube is an impact resistant, waterproof, vented tube made from 100% bonded Neoprene, double lined with stretch nylon on both sides.

Slash Cut Engine Case Covers

SpeedAngle GPS Lap Timer

The SpeedAngle GPS Lap Timing unit is a one-of-a-kind data logger developed for specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts. It is different from other data loggers in the market in that it captures how YOU (the rider) perform instead of how the bike performs. It measures and records the 3D motion of your ride, including Lean angles (up to R/L 69 degrees), longitudinal G’s up to +/- 1.5G (for braking and acceleration), measures speed accurately up to 255 MPH (410 KMH) and lap times down to 1/1000 sec. Easy to install and use either on road or on track the data it collects allows you to compares logs (data) from session to session graphically highlighting the differences from lap to lap allowing you to see where to improve.

Spindle Sliders

Spindle sliders are similar to the cotton reels, but fit through the rear wheel spindle. Giving you a perfect platform to raise the bike for chain maintenance or storage, whilst protecting the rear swingarm.

Swingarm Guards

Swingarm guards to protect the swingarm in the event of a crash or drop.

Swingarm Protectors

Swingarm protectors are fitted by means of a stainless steel bar passing through the rear spindle (except code SP0001). They can be fitted easily and are designed to help save your swingarm in the event of a crash.

Tail Tidies

As used by Performance Bikes, Fast Bikes, Superbike Magazine and MCN to name but a few. The R&G Licence Plate Holder has been designed to replace the very large, original plastic licence plate holder and improve the lines of the modern machine. The licence plate holder comes with all necessary holes drilled and all the fixtures and fitting you may need. Where necessary, the Tail Tidy comes with a neat little built-in licence plate light.

Tail Tidy Accessories

If you need a spare part for your tail tidy, it may well be here. We have reflectors to lights, extensions to alarm mounting kits, if you can't see what you are after, drop us an email!

Tank Traction Grips

R&G Tank Traction Grips are available for hundreds of different bike and brands, with new applications released regularly. The unique R&G Tank Traction Grip texture was specifically designed to be high grip, soft and durable, providing the rider with the grip and feel he/she needs to assist in better bike control. Allowing the rider to maintain a stable body position while cornering and braking, whilst also relieving fatigue and providing the rider with complete confidence allowing him/her to fully focus on the road (or track) ahead instead of slipping and sliding on the tank, working in both wet and dry conditions, R&G Tank Traction Grips are equally at home on the track as they are on the commute!

Tie-Down Hooks

Ensure you bike is transports in a safe manner, and without damaging your fairing. When coupled with the R&G Ratchet Straps (available separately - p/n ST0699), it creates a strong and safe way to secure your bike in transit.

Toe Chain Guards

R&G’s road-racing-inspired toe guard was developed in conjunction with roads hero Ryan Farquhar. Made from lightweight, high-density polyethylene or aluminium, they feature slots for improved positioning and a longer-than-usual kickback, in order to ensure adequate coverage of the sprocket in the event of an accident. These products are required for FIM/AMA sanctioned racing events and as such can be seen on track all over the world.

Under Body Frame Sliders

Under Body Frame Sliders are primarily designed for race bikes where fairing is disposable, but frames are not! They sit inside the fairing so cannot be seen from the outside, but provide the same excellent standards of protection our regular crash protectors give. If you need your fairing completely visible for sponsorship, don't skimp on protection!


WD40 Specialist Motorbike

WD-40's Specialist Motorbike line is an exciting new range of products that have been specifically designed to fulfil a range of jobs from routine maintenance to more demanding jobs you can rely on. Whether that be Washing, cleaning or waxing your bike, cleaning or lubing your chain, loosening stuck bolts to brake maintenence.

Wild Ass Air Cushions

We've all fallen victim to a painful/numb rear end after a long day in the saddle! Wild Ass air seat cushions help fix that discomfort and are available in a range of styles and finishes, from cruisers to supersport! Spreading the rider's weight across the entire cushioned area helps eliminate painful pressure points from forming and promotes blood circulation by utilising pressure adjustable interconnected air cells.


R&G Windshields have a heightened, airflow-enhancing design, meaning the rider gets a noticeable increase in wind protection while optimising bike and rider aerodynamics. Windshields are crafted from beefy 3mm polycarbonate, providing the rider with the very best optical clarity available, despite the fantastic “smoked” colour finish. Not only that, but they are virtually indestructible, unlike their (often thinner) acrylic equivalents. Their scratch resistance is also enhanced by this material choice.

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