Going Retro With ScorpionBy R&G in Products on on 13 February 2019


Scorpion Exhausts are turning retro in 2019 with the all-new “Red Power” slip-on application. In keeping with the style of the 80s, it incorporates cutting edge technology and features a discreet, tapered outer sleeve, laser-etched logo and a multi-facetted CNC-machined end cap that incorporates the “Red Power” outlet port.

With an impressive audible note, the silencer was initially developed for the awesome Kawasaki Z900RS but will be adapted for future applications too. There are currently three different aesthetic styles for the new Scorpion; a black ceramic coated version, a highly polished version and a modern brushed stainless steel version.

You can view the latest “Red Power” slip-on, as well as the rest of the product range, here.

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