Cruising with KAOKOBy R&G in Products on on 05 February 2019


If you’re regularly chomping up miles on motorways, or are planning a long-distance adventure this year, then the R&G-distributed KAOKO Throttle Stabilizer could be your new best friend.

As the world leader in Friction Type Throttle Controls, KAOKO’s first “Cruise Control System” arrived in 2001 following owner Roy Mentis’ travels through Kaokoveld in Namibia. During that trip, he regularly suffered from an extremely tired wrist…and from that, the first KAOKO product was created!

Specifically designed for each make and model of machine, the Throttle Stabilizer is easy to install as it simply replaces the OEM bar end weight. It’s also simple to engage as the rider just needs to grip the friction nut whilst rolling on the throttle for it to maintain a slight rotational resistance; meaning the rider can still open and close the throttle as needed.

One thing we’re regularly asked is if KAOKO can be used with electronic cruise control, or from customers struggling with fly-by-wire or oversensitive throttles. So we thought we would put together a quick explanation…

  1. The best way to increase the friction of the throttle body is by applying rotational resistance to the throttle sleeve.
  2. KAOKO does precisely this by allowing the user to gradually increase the throttle resistance setting by applying friction to the throttle sleeve, applied by the KAOKO Friction Nut.
    1. When partially engaged, only resistance is applied thus making the throttle stiffer turning (and the stiffness can be adjusted up and down by engaging more or less with the friction nut) 
    2. When fully engaged, the throttle will remain open on the set position (not locked open – the rider will always be able to manually override it)
  3. KAOKO is a complementary product to both electronic Cruise Control and fly-by-wire, so having those does not mean that you don’t need a KAOKO!

We currently have KAOKO Throttle Stabilizers available for all types of bikes – from BMW GS’ to Kawasaki ZX-10Rs – so if you’re looking to ease the stress and ache of your next journey, take a look!

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