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Crash Protectors - Frame Skidders for Zero SRF '19-FSK0006

These frame skidders are available in black. Suitable for the Zero SRF '19- .

Utilising the same material as our famous R&G Aero Bobbins, these skidders combine the excellent crash resistance required with the subtle styling a skidder allows.

R&G Crash Protection - the market leaders in crash protection and the only insurance approved crash protectors on the market. As used by some of the worlds top race teams, what better endorsement do you need! R&G Racing – innovation not i...

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Crash Protectors - Aero Style for Zero S '13-'15 and Zero DS '13-'15 modelsCP0348BL

Our industry leading crash protectors are now available for the Zero S '13-'15 and Zero DS '13-'15 models, utilising specially designed blocks and brackets, they offer essential protection to the bike frame, engine and batteries keeping them raised up and away from the tarmac in the event of a crash or drop.

This kit requires NO modification to the fairing or bodywork to install.

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