Partnering With Brands across the WorldBy R&G in R&G News on on 26 November 2020


Partnering With Brands across the World


Here at R&G, we are known for our wide range of crash protection and styling accessories, but did you know we are also a distributor for many of the world’s leading motorcycle brands? We thought we would take a look at some of the brands that we work with…


Barkbusters Handguards

First manufactured in Australia in 1984, Barkbusters Handguards have grown to become one of the world’s leading  purveyors of handguards. With products covering almost every style of motorcycle, from off-road to adventure touring machines, R&G is the exclusive UK distributor for all of its on-road and off-road products.


Click ‘n’ Ride

Tired of your indicators being damaged while green laning? Want to protect your road bike while on track? Click ‘n’ Ride is a unique solution that lets you click your indicators in and out in seconds! This means you can simply remove them before heading through the woods or on track, before plugging them back in to ride home.


Denali Electronics

 We’re also the UK distributor for the full suite of Denali Electronics products. This includes their range of accessories, as well as the Denali 2.0 range of lights and the small-but-mighty SoundBomb motorcycle horns.


Kaoko Throttle Stabilizers

Do you find your wrist aches after a long day in the saddle? The Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer is an essential item for anyone heading out on a long motorcycle tour or who faces extensive motorway riding on their commute.


RD Moto Tuning Accessories

Czech Republic brand RD Moto is known for its beautiful range of tuning accessories, and R&G is a distributor for their comprehensive lineup of aluminium anodised products, such as their Fork Stem Nuts, Oil Filler Caps and Paddock Stand Bobbins.


Red Dynamic 

Keep your fuel cap and yoke free from scratches with the stylish range Carbon Fibre effect protectors from Red Dynamic.


Scorpion Exhausts

R&G is also proud to be a distributor for Scorpion Exhausts, allowing customers to experience the incredible sound and performance enhancements from these stylish slip-ons.

SpeedAngle GPS Lap Timer 

If you are heading out on track and want to improve your performance, the SpeedAngle GPS Lap Timer captures exactly how you ride.  From logging lean angle and speed to overall lap time, you are able to visually see each lap of every session.



No matter whether it’s bug splatters in the summer or grime from winter rain, keeping your vision clear is essential. Visorcat lets you quickly clear your vision while on the move with two simple swipes of your hand.


WD-40 Specialist Motorbike

R&G is the exclusive UK distributor for the Specialist Motorbike range from WD-40, including washing, cleaning and lubricating products. 


Wild Ass Air Cushions

We’ve all fallen victim to having a numb rear end after a long day in the saddle, but Wild Ass seat cushions help prevent that! Available in a range of styles and finishes, these air cushions spread the rider’s weight to ensure there are no painful pressure points.

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