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DON’T SMASH YOUR DASH WITH R&G SCREEN PROTECTORS!By R&G in Products on on 05 September 2018



After launching Second Skin protection film earlier this year, R&G, the world leader in damage protection products, is expanding that range with the all-new Dashboard Screen Protector Kit.  


Using the same UV-stable, high-quality and ultra-tough polyurethane as the Second Skin system, the new R&G Dashboard Screen Protector Kit has been designed to protect the delicate dashboard screen on bikes from unwanted scratches and marks. The specially designed film has been developed to disperse impact energy from debris and prevent scratching, leaving the dashboard looking in showroom condition and the rider able to see the information clearly. 


Simple to install, each kit is bespoke for each machine and comes with detailed instructions, two dashboard protectors (one spare), a mini spray bottle, suede polishing cloth, wet and dry wipe, squeegee and dust removal strip. 


Applications are included for most of the latest machines, including TFT and Connectivity dashboards, as well as for the R&G-distributed SpeedAngle Apex data logger. 

RRP is £20.83 (plus VAT) and kits can be purchased now!

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