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Keep your machine MOT legal with new R&G Indicator ExtendersBy R&G in Products on on 12 July 2018


Following the introduction of new MOT rules stating that direction indicators must have a minimum separation distance of 240mm, R&G has launched a selection of extenders for its range of e-marked “Micro Indicators”, ensuring that bikes shod with R&G’s award-winning “Tail Tidies” can pass the new test.

Recent changes to the MOT test mean that motorcycles over 50cc now require the distance between indicators to be a minimum of 240mm. R&G has now unveiled a new range of indicator extenders for its “Micro Indicators”. Coming in three lengths, 65mm, 50mm and 35mm, riders and dealers can now choose the required length of extender, maximising safety and ensuring legality.

Retailing at only £10.83 (plus VAT) per pair, R&G Indicator Extenders are in stock and are available here.

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