Protect your lens with new R&G Headlight Shields!By R&G in Products on on 21 June 2017

With ever more complicated and aesthetic headlight systems on modern motorcycles, R&G is launching a wide range of Headlight Shields to protect the ‘eyes’ of all types of machines!

With the most popular applications already shipping to dealers, Headlight Shields are available for a growing range of models from adventure, naked, cruiser and sports motorcycles.

With bugs and dirt obstructing the important job of the headlight, and bigger road debris such as gravel causing serious damage, this strong, scratch-resistant acrylic (starting from 2.5mm thick) is perfect for keeping your headlight pristine.

The UV-stabilised acrylic used in their construction ensures R&G Headlight Shields won't 'yellow' over time like other materials on the market, ensuring it'll always look and perform at its best.

They are precision-formed - using the latest 3D scanning technology - and CNC trimmed - ensuring an exact fit to the profile of the OE light. Easy to install, each R&G Headlight Shield comes with transparent 3M™ Dual Lock™ pads for easy installation, holding the shield securely in place.

Available for key models and in a fast growing range, R&G Headlight Shields start from just £27.99 inc VAT. - View the entire range online

R&G UK Sales Manager Alan Garrett commented “We’ve all experienced poor vision from obscured and damaged lights, so these simple, easy-to-fit Headlight Shields are a must. And at such a cost-effective price, why risk a stone strike and expensive replacement light? We’re pleased to have many main models in stock, with a wider choice coming on stream in the coming months.”

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