10 questions with Kjel Karthin (German Supernaked Champion)By R&G in Superbike on on 19 September 2016


R&G recently caught up with 3-time German motorcycle championship Kjel Karthin of Karthin Rennsport to talk all things racing, championship wins and future ambitions.

Kjel KarthinKarthin Rennsport was founded in 1980 by team manager (also my father) Detlef Karthin who was previously the three-time Championship runner-up in two different racing classes in Germany. Since the team launch, Karthin Rennsport has been a regular participant in the IDM (Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaft - International German Motorcycle Championship) in 1000cc Superbike, 600cc Supersport, German Open Extreme, German R6 Cup, German Suzuki Cup and German Supernaked classes.

When did you start racing and in what series?

I started racing in the age of 15 (I'm 27 now). The series that I have raced in are:
2005-2008 German Supermoto Championship
2008 German B-license 600cc Supersport
2009 German B-license 600cc Supersport (Championship winner)
2010 German Yamaha R6 Cup
2011/12 - Time off due to injury
2013 German Suzuki GSX-R 750 Cup (3rd place)
2014 German Suzuki GSX-R 750 Cup (Championship winner)
2015 German Supernaked (Championship winner)

Kjel Karthin

What is the Supernaked Championship?

It's a new racing class in the German championship which is only for naked bikes, e.g. Suzuki GSR 750, Yamaha MT09, Kawasaki Z800, Ducati Monster, BMW R1200.

Please tell us about your Supernaked Championship race bike.

It's a 2015 Suzuki GSR 750 that has been rebuilt for the racetrack. It is fitted with R&G products (of course!), an Arrow exhaust system, BMC air filter, Power Comander V, custom fairing, quick throttle, ABM racing brake cables, ABM brake and clutch levers, MUPO suspension front and back, MRA specially designed windscreen. Naturally, it has had the ABS removed.

What R&G parts are fitted to the bike? We've used and extensively tested! many R&G parts over our years of racing, our favorites are the R&G Engine case covers and R&G Engine Case Sliders, R&G Exhaust Protectors, R&G Aero Crash Protectors, R&G Fork Protectors and R&G Exhaust Hangers. All of which we use on the GSR750 at the moment.

Kjel Karthin

What is your opinion of R&G products? Would you recommend them to other racers?

We would recommend them to any motorcyclist, not just racers but to those that ride on the road as well. Our belief in the products is one hundred percent - which is why we also sell them in our shop in Duisburg. So no matter the crash, low-side to pit lane drop, we have confidence we'll be able to pick it back up with minimal damage and carry on racing.

Do you have a favorite R&G product - which is the most important one to you?

The engine protection products are my favorite because they keeps the engine intact in case of a crash - which means I can still ride to the end of the race, with zero fluid loss install process means they are easy to install (or replace after a crash) and there high performance means they don't wear out quickly.

Any advice for new racers starting their career?

A big part of racing is mental strength. Even when you have to go through tough times, keep your head up, stay strong and focus on your dreams.

Kjel KarthinWhat are your plans for the future?

To race and win in the German Stocksport 1000 or German Superbike series with a Suzuki GSX-R1000. After that, who knows!

What do you like to do when not racing?

Cycling, swimming, climbing, jogging, skiing, work on motorcycles!

Big thanks to Kjel and his father, Detlef, for taking the time to speak with us and we wish them all the very best for remainder of the 2016 season.

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