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Get ready to race ‘between the hedges’ with R&G!By R&G in R&G News on on 25 April 2016

With the first International Road Race kicking off in just a few weeks with the traditional North West 200 event, R&G is on hand to protect your machine – just as it is doing for the likes of RAF Reserves BMW, Quattro Plant Kawasaki and Gearlink Kawasaki.

One of the most crucial products on offer is the R&G Titanium Racing Radiator Guard, with is both lightweight and incredibly strong thanks to its titanium mesh construction, which has been encased in a seamless aluminium frame. Also available is a 16x12 inch Titanium Radiator Guard Universal Mesh.

The use of titanium means the R&G guard is much stronger than standard aluminium mesh guards and provides excellent protection from road debris such as stones or tyre rubber which can cause terminal damage and put you out of the race.

Available for a wide variety of machines, any teams looking to purchase the R&G Titanium Racing Radiator Guard should speak to Alan Garrett at either the Oulton Park British Superbike Championship round this weekend, call him on 01420 89007 or email.

Of course, these guards aren’t just suitable for racers and can provide any rider the peace of mind that their pride and joy is protected when out riding. You can view the titanium guards, along with the full range of R&G protection available for your machine on our website now.

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