SpeedAngle GPS Datalogger, as used by James HillierBy R&G in R&G News on on 19 August 2015

With trackday riding becoming increasingly popular, R&G is excited to add the innovative SpeedAngle datalogger to its growing line-up. Unlike others on the market which simply capture a bike’s data, SpeedAngle is capable of capturing the rider’s performance, making it the ideal tool for those looking to improve their own riding technique. The unit has also successfully been used by racers from Club level to 132mph TT man, James Hillier.

The 2015 SpeedAngle datalogger is an essential accessory for those attending trackdays and wanting to improve their technique and, ultimately, their lap time. Unlike other dataloggers on the market, SpeedAngle allows riders to analyse their lines and riding style easily, providing an efficient way to review areas for improvement.

SpeedAngle GPS Lap Timer Datalogger Unit

Attaching quickly to the top yoke of any motorcycle via a dedicated mounting bracket the device records a rider’s performance, allowing him/her to overlay ride logs and GPS tracking data onto Google Earth for three dimensional playback. Users will then be able to see a 3D model bike lean that replicates their acceleration, allowing them to compare rides with friends, almost like a virtual race.

The 2015 model comes with an uprated internal GPS sensor, allowing for even more detailed tracks and traces of movement, as well as removing the need for an external antenna.

The nature of the new SpeedAngle datalogger means it is not just suited to trackday riders but also professional racers, with Quattro Plant Kawasaki road racing star James Hillier using the device at this year’s North West 200 and Isle of Man TT races. Well-known TV and racing personality Jamie Whitham is also evaluating the kit with his trackday school.

James Hillier, Quattro Plant Kawasaki rider commented “The SpeedAngle GPS datalogger is the perfect piece of kit for a racer or trackday rider. We fitted it to the Quattro Plant Kawasaki machines at the North West 200 and also to our Supertwin machine at the Isle of Man TT. It fitted really easily on every bike we tried and was mounted securely to the top yoke on the Superstock bike, which recorded a speed of 194mph!

"What makes the SpeedAngle so unique is that unlike a normal datalogger it focuses on the rider’s performance and not just the bike. You can make real observations from the data on each particular corner and change your lines and riding style to suit. When analysing the data afterwards, we were able to compare the differing styles from the Superbike, Superstock, Supersport and Supertwin machines, which meant we could highlight some possible areas of improvement.”

R&G UK Sales Manager Alan Garrett said “No matter who you are, there is always room for improvement in your riding and the SpeedAngle is a fantastic bit of kit that allows you to analyse your performance, rather than that of the machine. We’ve already had incredible feedback from racers in the British Superbike paddock and Road Racing, but it’s not just aimed at professional riders, as it will also be the perfect accompaniment to any keen trackday rider.”

Find out more about the SpeedAngle GPS Lap Timer here

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