Scorpion Exhaust FAQsBy R&G in Products on on 02 March 2015

We are always getting asked about these high quality, UK made exhausts, so here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get.

Q:- How long does the warranty apply?
A:- A lifetime warranty applies for the original purchaser of the product when registered online. Please register your product click here

Q:- Does the bike require dyno/remapping or rejetting after fitting a Scorpion exhaust?
A:- No - Scorpion exhausts dyno develop all silencers to ensure no engine adjustment is required.

Q:- Will the silencer need repacking or servicing?
A:- No - due to Scorpions unique manufacturing process the silencers will not need repacking.

Q:- When fitting a silencer will any joint seal be required?
A:- Yes, any good silicone sealant or instant gasket will aid future removal of the silencer if required.

Q:- Are fittings supplied with the silencer?
A:- All Scorpion silencers are supplied with the necessary connecting pipes(if required), straps, nuts, bolts, etc. (unless stated use o.e. Fittings and gaskets)

Q:-What is the recommended cleaning method?
A:- Wash with warm soapy water, allow to dry naturally, then polish with a soft clean cloth, never use abrasive products.

Q:- What is an e-marked silencer?
A:- Due to the government enforcing environmental issues, scorpion have developed a road legal silencer fitted with a removable baffle that conforms to full EEC legislation.

Q:- What do Scorpion silencers sound like?
A:- All Scorpion exhausts give a distinctive quality deep audible tone, this is due to the internal build quality of the silencers.

Q:- Where are scorpion products manufactured
A:- All products are manufactured in Derbyshire, England.

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