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Crash Protectors - Aero Style Ducati Multistrada 1200 '15-, Multistrada 950 '17- and Multistrada 1260 '18- modelsfor Ducati Multistrada 950  + 10 more bikes

This product also fits the following bikes:
  • Ducati Multistrada 1200 (2015)
  • Ducati Multistrada 1200S (2015)
  • Ducati Multistrada 1200S (2016)
  • Ducati Multistrada 1200S (2017)
  • Ducati Multistrada 1260 (2018)
  • Ducati Multistrada 1260 D-AIR (2018)
  • Ducati Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak (2018)
  • Ducati Multistrada 1260S (2018)
  • Ducati Multistrada 950 (2017)
  • Ducati Multistrada 950 (2018)
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No Mods
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CP0390BL (Black), CP0390WH (White)
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Crash Protectors - Aero Style Ducati Multistrada 1200 '15-, Multistrada 950 '17- and Multistrada 1260 '18- models (CP0390)

These crash protectors feature our stylish, aerodynamic Aero Bobbins and are available in black. Suitable for the Ducati Multistrada 1200 '15- Multistrada 950 '17- and Multistrada 1260, 1260S, 1260 D-Air and 1260 Pikes Peak '18- models.

OEM water pump cover must be removed.

R&G Aero Bobbins are a stylish, aerodynamic, teardrop shaped bobbin improving on the original good looks of our highly successful and popular standard round bobbins. Fitted with a removable end cap which hides the bobbins fittings, this sleek design looks superb and is a winner on road and track!

R&G Aero Bobbins from R&G - the market leaders in crash protection and the only insurance-approved crash protectors on the market. As used by some of the world's top race teams, what better endorsement do you need! R&G – innovation not imitation!

Customer Testimonials
#1 for Dave Coates - Yamaha Professional Stunt Rider

Hi Mark,

Thanks again for the replacement protectors and casing cover .

I would like to say how happy i was, with the way the R&G Crash Protectors and Engine Casing Covers you supplied, performed during a recent " Off ".

I recently performed numerous shows at the NEC Bike Show and the floor surface was very slippery and unpredictable.During one performance i managed to drop the bike on its side. I know for a fact that had i not had the R&G Protectors on, i would have at least damaged the footrest,rear brake lever and throttle end and fairing.But when i picked the bike up,there was no damage to anything !, except some marks on the Protectors & Engine Casing Cover.I also caught my foot under the engine as it went down and think that because the protectors kept the bike off the ground there was less damage to my foot too ! Had i not had the Protectors on i am sure i would not have been able to carry on with the shows that day, and with the tight time scale between shows even fitting replacement parts would have been a nightmare !
So im am so glad i had the Protectors and Engine Covers on my Yamaha R1. They do what they are supposed to do, and they do it well !


Dave Coates

World Record Holder and Professional Stunt Rider for Yamaha.

#1 for ER6 - Worried About Fitting Crash Protectors to Yours?

I have attached two pictures of my bike after sliding over on gravel at about 30mph.
The crash protectors prevented lots of damage, just cosmetic scratches to the upper fairing to fix at some time and a bent rear brake pedal.

This is the same er6f bike that was in MCN with a suspected frame cracking problem, the frame was replaced and R&G sliders fitted to the new frame at my request. I am so glad I had them refit your products after the bike had its new frame, there would have been lots of damage without them.

James Mears
University of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 8UW

#1 for GSXR600 - R&G does it again, with NEW Engine Case Sliders !

A customer had a crash in August '08, at Cadwell Park, on his GSXR600 K6 and the NEW R&G Engine Case Slider certainly did it's job!

#1 for Honda CB1000R - Dobles Demo takes a spill!

You can imagine just how I felt when I got the phone call telling me that our all new CB1000R had been a victim of road spill! The feelings were soon replaced with ones of complete relief when I realised that we had had the foresight of having our demonstrator bike fitted with a full compliment of R&G crash protection products... The bike really has been saved from being so quickly written off... all of which I believe is down to the R&G products and the way that they took the brunt of the impact!

Paul Styles (Director. Doble Motorcycles)

#1 R&G Protectors saved my Kawasaki ER-6N

Driving through one of my city's street coming back from work, in Brazil, a dog crossed my way and gave me no time to think anything else besides hitting hard on the brakes. Unfortunately it locked the front tire and my bike dropped on its left side. I was ok, thanks to my gear (jacket, helmet and gloves). But as soon as I got up, I was worried about my bike, which I bought this year. And thanks to my R&G sliders, which I installed by myself, my bike was almost intact. Only some minors scratches to the engine cover and on the swing arm. But it was unbelievable how the bike was kept basically intact from the crash. People who witnessed the crash could not believe how myself and the engine were almost unharmed.

Thank you R&G for making such a great product. it was worth every cent I paid for.

2002 R1

Here's my poorly 2002 R1 that is looking decidedly worse for wear after a 90mph low side in a right hander. As you can see the bikes hit the kerb - but the crash protector just bent, it refused to break.

A recommendation if ever one was needed.


Trevor C

2007 Speedfreak Racing - R1 '07

....unfortunately we had a mishap on Friday when Mr Whitham was testing our spare machine. Needless to say, the crash protectors worked as you can see from the photos. Still a fair bit of damage but a lot less than it could have been. I think the crash protectors really did their job and I am very satisfied with your products.

Best regards,
Paul Shoesmith,
Speedfreak Racing

2007 Speedfreak Racing - R1 '07 (Again!)

Speedfreak Racing's BSB rider Anton Kokshoorn tried out his R&G's at a very wet Knockhill on 1st July 2007 on his Yamaha R1 '07 bike.

2007 Team Viking - CBR600RR '06

Dear Simon

Thank you very much for the consignment of protectors. They arrived in time for the Knockhill Endurance race which was just as well because we tested them extensively again after 2 hours when my colleague Paul was taken out at the hairpin!

The crash protectors certainly did their job and made sure that I could recover the bike and finish the 6 hour race. Attached are photos of the damage and the bike at the end of the race. There have been suggestions that we change the team name to the Crash Test Dummies!!!

Best regards,


2008 - Aprilia RSV Mille

What an excellent job your crash protectors did to save a hell of a lot of damage that would otherwise have happened. This was a right hand side crash that put me and my bike (Aprilia RSV Mille) in a ditch after a 30ft slide along the road and along a grass bank. It took 3 of us to get my bike out of the ditch and also broke off both mirrors and smashed the screen. Badly grazed the leathers and the helmet and boots but I was very thankful that they did their job.

Thanks mate for a RONSEAL product ,(does what it says on the box!!!!!).
Have, and will, recommend your products to anyone who asks.

Best regards
Shaun Cook.

30mph crash

Suzuki SV560 K3 after 30mph crash.

55 mph low side and no damage!

I want to thank y'all for a great product.
I installed a set of R&G frame sliders on my 2010 Kawasaki ER6N last year.
Just a few days ago, I low sided my bike.
I am fine, and so is the bike.
I walked over to pick up the bike and found absolutely NO damage to the plastics what so ever.
(what little plastic there is on a "N" model)
Between your sliders and the other "crash pads" Ive put on my bike, bar ends, swinger spools and rear grab bar sliders, the bike itself never touched the asphalt.
This is from a 50-55 mph low side.
Once again...
Thanks for a great product.

749 off at Snetterton

This happened at Riches at the end of the start/finish straight at Snetterton. This is a 90 degree right hander, and it was the last lap of the 2nd session on a track day. The bike is a 2003 Ducati 749S, kitted out with a Race Products race fairing and R&G Crash Protectors. Also, rear light assy/number plate removed, and rear footpegs removed.

Not sure what speed was for that corner, but probably around 40mph as I was accelerating out at the apex of the turn. Also I had seen the 748 down in front of me, so was cautious. Apparently not cautious enough though, and I now know that coolant is slippery stuff and invisible on the track! The bike disappeared out from under me as if it was on ice, and slid on it’s right hand side for 50 yards to end up in the grass on the outside of the track. The crash protector did the job I had hoped in keeping the clutch safe. The only damage is a broken ball end on the front brake lever, a scuffed bar end, a scuff on the clutch cover, a broken rear brake pedal and a scuff on the underside of the flip up footpeg. Oh, and half of the crash bung has worn away. Cost to replace parts is £15 for the front lever and £7-50 for the rear adjustable pedal. Plus one new crash bung of course. Result! What a brilliant bit of kit.



A little 'off' at Cadwell

Hi Simon

I've attached a pic of my TLS after my little off at Cadwell on Wednesday. It was only a low speed drop at the hairpin but it would have been so much worse without the crash protectors. The only damage is very minor scrapes on the brake lever, bar end, footpeg and the edge of the can. Without the protectors the fairing and the tank would have been trashed.

Thanks very much for the replacement bung.


Symtek Racing

Anonymous - TL1000R

After visiting WSB at Brands Hatch last year, I came across your stand and was interested in your bike protectors, as I had just purchased my TL1000R. These bikes are a little on the heavy side and expensive to repair if dropped! After purchasing my crash protectors from R&G, low and behold, two days later, I dropped my bike after the front wheel caught a bag and slid out from under me.

I could feel my wallet getting very light as I looked at my pride and joy lying on the ground! After getting help to lift the bike up, I was amazed to see that there was not even a scratch anywhere apart from the crash protector.

Guys, I am impressed with your product and it was money very well spent. After telling you what had happened, you even tided up the damaged crash protector and everything is like new again. Your customer service is the best and a credit to the company. Anyone who thinks that they do not need these protectors, (as I did once) need to think twice. Thank you again.

Anthony Dunn

Just thought I'd say hi. Enjoying the bike - thankfully, haven't had to use your crash protectors yet and I hope I don't ever have to!

However, my mate has - he bought a pair from you at the NEC Bike Show for his GSX-R 600. He's been biking for about 2 months more than me. He arrived at a roundabout with lots of commitment but little talent (& judgement) and dropped it. Thanks to your protectors he only took off the brake lever and scraped the exhaust - £50well spent I'd say.

Anthony Tittershill

Further to my conversation with the MD last week at the "Alley Pally" show, I would like to recommend your protectors to anyone who has a bike! Having heard about your crash protectors from a well known magazine, I decided to fit them to my Gixer 600 - better to be safe than sorry, and I am certainly grateful that I did. Only a month after fitting, I decided to have a go at knee sliding on the local deserted roundabout which was quite a bad idea. I hit a patch of gravel and watched my pride and joy slip from beneath me and continue to slide to the kerb. I ran over, expecting to see my in pieces but the crash protector had taken the brunt of the damage. Apart from my ego, the only damage was a very small scuff on my 'old' exhaust and a very slight scuff to the lower right fairing. And if that is not enough, I was in the process of replacing the damaged protector when, on a camping trip, my bike blew over in the wind - once again, no damage to my bike, just a scuffed and scratched left protector! - a matching pair!! I would strongly recommend your product to ANYBODY who owns a bike, especially accident prone people like me, to buy your crash protectors.

Congratulations on a FANTASTIC product!

Bandit 1200 Boo-boo!

Travelling down the A1 bank holiday Monday I mistook a small layby for a sliproad, then stuffed my bike into the curb, I couldn't pull out back onto the road, traffic was heavy and the next vehicle behind me was another bike so i took the option to crash.
The front wheel hit the curb at an angle, throwing the bike down hard onto its left side, the engine hit the curb, quickly followed by the back wheel which bit on contact, throwing the bike back out onto the A1, spinning in the left hand lane spewing oil everywhere.

As you can see by the photos one engine casing bit the dust, front and rear fairing took a bit of damage but the crash bobbins without a doubt saved my engine from a complete wrecking, the only damage was to the single casing, a crack in the centre as it hit the curb and the grinding from the bottom as the bobbin wore down.

I can honestly say without the bobbin I wouldnt be riding my bike now, it was all back together after a couple of days finding parts and the bobbins will be replaced.

Some people say that crash bobbins look stupid so they wont fit them, I say they must have too much money to burn.


Bob Simpson - Street Triple R

The R&G products are second to none, and I say that after my accident in which my STREET TRIPLE R went some way ( about 70 feet ) down the road with the thought oh s**t this is going to cost me!!, however I was so pleased to see the crash bobbins had done there job. I could hardly believe it when I saw the only damage was the gear lever bent and minor scratches to the engine case, mirrors, indicators not even scratched, and I would like to say a BIG thank you for a first class product.

Bob Simpson of Somerset

California Superbike School

As the Chief Mechanic for the California Superbike School I maintain 30 Kawasaki's for our coaches and students. We started using R&G sliders and my first concern was the that the frame mounted ones might do damage to bike but, unlike the US sliders, the R&G bolts are soft enough to bend and in over 100 crashes we have not damaged a single head or frame! A big relief to have the protection without the downside.

Thanks, Will

California Superbike School (UK)

2007 R6 crash protection tested at the UK California Superbike School!

Chris Brooker

Just tested out your Crash Protectors at Oulton Park yesterday.I low sided the bike at Hizzy's chicane and it slid on the tarmac all the way to Knickerbrook.As i was sliding down the road i was thinking how expensive it was going to be to repair it but to my surprise it was hardly touched.I rode it back to the pits and after visiting the medical centre i continued the rest of the sessions on it.The crash protector has been ground down more than half of its length and the rear swingarm bobbins took it hard too but apart from some obvious fairing damage and a broken indicator the rest of the bike was nearly untouched.If like me you are reading this and wondering whether you want to fit crash bungs to your bike because they are too expensive or you dont want to drill your fairing take it from was money well spent.Fit them now!!!!! I will never think twice about fitting protectors to any of my bikes in the future.There was another bike in my pit garage that had a similar crash but he had fitted cheap protectors and they had just snapped off at the thread and smashed the engine casing spilling oil on the track.

Thanks R & G.


Chris Collins - Suzuki GSXR 600

About a week ago I left my bike, a Suzuki GSX-R600, in the centre of York, and somebody decided it would be fun to sit on it. When I returned to the bike, it was lying on its side. But, because I had fitted your crash protectors to my bike, all I had was one little scratch on the nearside wing mirror. As far as I am concerned buying your crash protectors, was the best £50I have ever spent.

Dealing with your company was brilliant and an enjoyable experience, I only hope I can do more business with you.

Crash Bungs on ZX-7R

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to you regarding your crash bungs. When I first brought my
ZX-7R, I fitted your crash bungs to it, and it was a pretty easy job. I
felt happy that in a low speed crash my bike should be fairly well
protected. At Snetterton recently, I was on the back straight and I was
travelling at about 140 mph. Upon braking for the left hander into the
chicane, I applied too much force to the front wheel and the front tyre
lost grip. The front of the bike slid to the left, throwing me off via a
low side to the right - I estimate that I was travelling at 120 mph at
this point. The bike slid for a full 300 metres. After being checked
over I was able to leave the medical centre and walk back to the pit
garage to see the mess that my bike was in. When I got to the garage I
was amazed at the state of my bike! I have attached photos of my bike in
the locations of where the most damage was caused to it. As can be seen
there is a large amount of friction damage to the right hand side of the
bike, which is to be expected. The left hand side of the bike is
untouched! As can be seen in the photos the damage is mainly cosmetic
and I only need to replace a few items to be able to ride it again; no
major structural damage has occurred and to cap it all off, it started
first time when I got back to the pits! Overall I am very happy with how
the bung held up under the treatment it was given; I was expecting it to
be completely useless at such speeds.

Thanks again for you product saving me a hell of a lot of financial

(The above is a condensed version of the original letter. Editor's note - with an R&G Exhaust Protector Mike could have saved a lot more financial pain)

Crescent GSXR1000 Worx BSB Replica

Hi Mark,

The bike had a low side, the parts that were saved are...

Top cowl and RH side fairing had no damage at all.
RH side engine cover was not marked.
Front and rear brake levers had no damage.


Alan Cook,
Workshop Manager
Crescent Performance Centre

Customer Service, above and beyond!

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the guys on your technical support line for the superb service they have provided me with over the last couple of days.

I phoned yesterday with a query concerning the crash protectors on my CBR600RR, the gentleman who answered was extremely helpful and friendly. The item that I subsequently ordered arrived promptly this morning as promised.

I called again today to confirm the fixing and set-up; once again your representative was excellent, he even looked up the torque conversion for me on-line.

Please pass on my sincere thanks to all concerned, and very well done for providing such top notch customer service.

Kind regards,

Stuart Joiner

Cyprus Police Force

R&G Crash Protector's are now used by the Cyprus Police Force.

Daniel Berner - MV Agusta

Track day at Brands I low sided my MV Agusta with about 70 mph. Thanks to the crash protectors the damage to my bike was minor. Some scratches at the side panel and at the seat and a broken break lever that was all. The protectors did a good job and saved me a lot of money. Have to replace the upper left protector including the bolt and the whole lower protector > including the bolt. I hope you will soon produce a fork protector for the MV. I will be a client.

Daryl Parry - Yamaha R6

.......thank you, I fitted some crash protectors at the same time, I'm twenty one and if i dropped the bike i wouldn't be able to afford the repairs, and my insurance is stupidly high, so i don't really want to claim. So it made sense to get a set from R+G ; i drilled the fairing no problem, fitted them no problem, and just forgot they were there, come Christmas day i was setting off from my missus at the time to see the family. Cold tyres+ loose chippings on the drive way+ too much lean, enthusiastic use of the right hand equalled what must surly be the worlds slowest speed high side. I'm not an emotional man, but on seeing my beautiful baby lying stranded on her side, may of had a sombre tear rolling down my cheek, i rushed to her in her moment of need fearing the worst, lifting her up i scoured the body work for damage, no cracked fairings, phew, no bent bars or pegs, phew, in fact the only damaged sustained was a few light scratches to the fairings, and very very lightly scraped engine casing and swing arm. My pride sustained more hurt as her entire family had gathered outside to make sure i was okay, which had everyone else's family gathering outside to see what the commotion was, which had all the mothers tutting and the fathers lecturing, and the young lads laughing, with the daughters being the only ones genuinely concerned. Still my baby was okay so that's all that mattered, so cheers, if i hadn't had the bungs on, all the same damage done but twice as bad (only fair) i reckon would of easily been above £600, not bad for £54 eh.


Daryl Parry

Dave Coats - SV650

Hi Simon,

We spoke at the Bike Show on Saturday (05/11/05) about my SV650s when I enquired about obtaining a replacement bung for the left hand side of my bike following an accident.

I came off my bike whilst rounding a corner on the approach to a
roundabout, I was travelling at about 30mph at the time. My bike fell
onto its left hand side and slid for about 5 meters. The R&G bung on the left hand side bent backwards in the impact but saved my bike from sustaining any damage whatsoever, which is commendable bearing in mind my bike is fitted with fairing lowers! Please find attached 3 photographs showing the condition of my bike following the accident.

Kind regards,

Dave Coats

Dave Phelps - Triumph Sprint RS

I was recently doing a tight 'U' turn, on difficult terrain when I stalled the engine of my immaculate Triumph Sprint RS. The inevitable happened - and there was my bike laying in the road. Fortunately, six months earlier I had Crash Protectors fitted by R&G. These are more robust version of the 'Mushrooms' sold by a number of outlets, and are specially designed for a given model. In the case of the RS, they are fitted directly to the engine mountings. I was delighted to discover that the damage was minimal - cracked indicator cover (still operating), tip of foot-rest broken off, minor scratches to can and bar-end. In fact the only real damage was to the Crash Protector and my self esteem. I was back on my bike and away in five minutes. Considering the small cost of Crash Protectors and the damage and inconvenience they save in the smallest spill, I'm surprised that more riders don't fit them. They even look good!

Dave Ryan - ZX6R

Hi to all at R&G.

Just a line to say how much your crash protectors are the absolute bees-knees. Having overcooked a tight (hold on, tightening...!!!) left-hander and being
forced to take a wider line, I found myself heading for trouble in the shape of the verge on the other side of the road. The bottom line is that 2 minutes later, I got a bump-start, and was back on my way. The crash protectors I got from you 2 weeks earlier saved everything - only the left-side engine case was
scraped lightly, but there was no way you would ever say it went "down the road", as they say.

Many thanks to a great product and to the after-market
help in providing a new bar to replace the bent one on my still minting (HOW?!?!) ZX-6. Wisest buy in biking I've ever made.

Please feel free to show this on your site.

David Chapman - Suzuki GSXR750Y

I would just like to say thank you for an excellent product. This morning my bike went down on its r/h side and slid along the road after hitting diesel on a roundabout. The end result was a scuffed lower fairing, snapped footpeg and scuffed exhaust, without the bungs I would dread to think of the damage. I was also wondering if it would be possible to purchase just one crash bung for the r/h side as it was wreaked in the crash.

"My Suzuki GSXR750WY was involved in an accident last year - only my machine was involved, skidding and sliding on a wet road surface from a speed of 40-45mph. Machine landed on its left hand side on a grass verge and serious damage to the fairing and other parts of the machine was averted solely because of your crash protectors, fitted to either side of the machine. Damage confined to foot peg, indicator, mirror - the nearside crash protector was undamaged."

Thanks again.

David J. Rae

Thank you for the speedy service you provided recently in shipping my crash protectors to Belgium. They are now fitted and look excellent. If I had them fitted from new they would have saved me quite a bit of expense when I had to drop my bike to avoid a white transit. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you guys (and do at every opportunity).

David Ryan

Dear all at R&G,

Here's the photos from after my off - a little too hot into a tightening left-hander, that got (oops) tighter. It's nice to know that a top product still exists. You can't get better than the "before" (not here) photos of my cherished bike almost matching the "after" photos when you've managed to throw your pride and joy down the road. The amount of damage sustained has made be proud of investing in the crash bungs. I dread to think of the costs otherwise, and the possibility of not being able to just pick the bike up and ride home. You've saved me so much time, grief and cash it's unbelievable. Thanks again for that, and the speedy supply and replacement of the bar on your advice. The quality of the mushroom means I can put up with the little hit it took as well.


Kind regards,
David Ryan

Ducati 1098S - Simon Bailey

Hi Robert,

I’ve snapped a few pics for you. Although I crunched a bobbin and grazed the bar end reel, the only real damage to the bike was the rearset which bent and broke and the carbon at the tip of the muffler, which I have repaired with fibre-glass prior to working out whether I will replace it or not. The fairing, mirror, frame and bodywork are all completely untouched.

As for the accident, while travelling in heavy traffic, I pulled to the centre line to avoid a truck that has stopped suddenly, and an SUV behind me accelerated – I think probably to stop me getting through. The driver had had a knee reconstruction and was using crutches, so that may also have stopped him being as accurate as he may have liked to be.. In any event, he hit the bike (or me actually) on the RHS and at some point thereafter the bike and I bounced off the car and the bike dropped onto its RHS and threw me off. Imagine my surprise (and joy) when absolutely no serious damage had been done! All I can say is that for those who said I was crazy putting 28mm holes in my faring to mount the protectors, I certainly got the last laugh – the best investment I could have made! Thanks a mill!



Ducati 899 Panigale slides down the track!

A Ducati 899 Panigale was unfortunately crashed on the Buddh International Circuit. Sliding down the circuit, the crash bungs did their job perfectly.

Coming into the last corner, the rider lost the front end in a 60-80 kph crash. The crash bungs saved the fairing and engine cases, but as no further crash protection was on the bike, the front forks, rear spindle and bar end all suffered abrasion.

Ducati Monster S2R - Alasdair Tod

Accident was on a roundabout at approx 25MPH. The bike still does need work to get it roadworthy again as both brake discs were warped when the bike landed on the brake lever, but as you can see the majority of the bike was saved from major damage thanks to R&G crash protection. Without these, the bike would probably have been written off as the damage to the engine block would have been substantial.

I feel very fortunate to have been recommended your products.

Thanks again

Alasdair Tod

Edward Guy - Triumph Daytona 675

I fitted your products last autumn as insurance against expensive damage in the event that I dropped my bike. I had observed a significant number of track and road bikes were fitted with your brand of protectors, and decided that there had to be a good reason for this. (I should add that I have fitted other, inferior, brands of crash protectors to previous bikes, with negative results – for example, one of bolts securing my M****x nylon crash protectors on my ’98 R1 actually broke off when the bike fell off its stand, necessitating the drilling out of the bolt from the engine case!) Of course, fitting your products necessitated removing the fairing and minor modifications, but I figured that this gave the strongest mounting points.

Two days after fitting them, I went to London on the hottest day of the year, and whilst holding the bike on the clutch to pull out of an uphill T-junction to the right, I lost my footing on the soft recently laid tarmac and low-sided at about 5 mph. I picked the bike and myself up, fearing the worst. I was amazed to see that the only bodywork damage was to the offside of the tail section; the off-side crash protector had taken most of the force of 200 kg plus rider hitting the ground! What a result, saving me at least £250 in repairs to the fairing, front indicator, bars and lever. I have checked the mounting bolt, and it is still perfectly straight!

Edward Nesbitt


I have been superbike racing from Ontario,Canada for over 10 years now and only use your crash protectors for my racing bikes. I wish to thank your company for designing great racing products that save my bikes from low sides when a accident happens on the track. I have used other companies frame protectors and nothing comes close to R&G.
I use your crash protectors on all of my bikes that are on and off the track.
Thank you again for all the great protection!


Excellent Product

Would just like to say thank you for an excellent product. This morning my bike went down on its r/h side and slid along the road after hitting diesel on a roundabout. The end result was a scuffed lower fairing, snapped foot peg and scuffed exhaust, without the bungs I would dread to think of the damage. I was also wondering if it would be possible to purchase just one crash bung for the r/h side as it was wreaked in the crash.

Thanks again.


David Chapman

Fantastic products saved my bike!


I wanted to drop you a quick thankyou as last week your crash bungs and bobins saved my beloved cbr from the scrap heap! After sliding down the road. There was hardly a scratch and I was amazed at just how good these really are. I'm delighted and have told all my biker friends to get out and buy as you never know!!

Ross Polson

Ducati Multistrada 1200

The R&G crash bung saved me a lot of money and hassle, I have no doubt that without the bungs I would be digging deep into my pockets for engine casings and extra parts for my bike, luckily I've managed to get  away with only having to replace a few little parts which I've ended up upgrading anyway. 


I'll be looking into getting the wheel bobbins to go with my crash bungs from now on, I can't recommend these enough. 


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All of our packages - international and domestic are dispatched using only trusted couriers (DPD, DHL, Royal Mail and Parcel Force) where a signature is required upon delivery.

Our shipping charges are based on the weight of the consignment and our standard delivery method by DPD next day (within the UK) or Royal Mail Airmail (country dependant) for international customers.

Generally in the UK you can expect to receive your parts within 5 working days (excluding weekends and UK bank holidays) of placing the order, depending on stock availability. Internationally this varies but tracking details will be provided to easily track your order when in transit.

Ordering from abroad and Import Duties

You can make an overseas order on our website. Please help us and our delivery companies by taking extra care with the address details to ensure they are correct. Please note your goods may be subject to import duties and taxes which will be levied when the order reaches the delivery address. You are responsible for payment of any such import duties and taxes. R&G has no control over these charges and cannot predict their amount. For further information please contact your local customs office before placing your order. Failure to pay these charges will result in your parcel being returned and a 25% restocking fee (of original invoice value) being applied to your order.

Should you have a product you would like to return, please give us a call (+44 (0) 1420 89007) first, so that we can authorise the return. You will then be given all the details you need to make the return as quick and efficient as possible. Alternatively if you cannot phone us during our working hours, please send an email to and we will reply with the details. Please have your delivery note or invoice number to hand when getting in touch.

If you purchased the product from one of our dealers, please contact them to process the return.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found here

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