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Shocktube ®for Honda Crosstourer (2014)  + 8 more bikes

This product also fits the following bikes:
  • BMW R1200GS (upto 2012)
  • Honda Crosstourer (2012)
  • Honda Crosstourer (2013)
  • Honda Crosstourer (2015)
  • Honda Crosstourer (2016)
  • Honda Crosstourer (2017)
  • Honda Crosstourer (2018)
  • RIEJU MRT 200LC PRO COMP (All Years)
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Shocktube ® (SHOCK3BKFRONT)

The Shocktube® is a high impact waterproof vented tube made from top quality bonded 100% CR Neoprene™ which is double lined with stretch nylon on both sides. Completely enclosing the motorcycle's front shock absorber and spring, Shocktube® prevents damage from road salt, water spray, stone chipping, dust and dirt. The Shocktube® can be fitted to most motorcycle's with either monoshock or twin shock systems quickly, without the need to remove the shock absorber! Continually protecting the rear shock absorber and spring, while still maintaining the condition of the shock for a substantially extended period of time, throughout the life of the motorcycle. Suitable for the front fork spring on the BMW R1200GS (all years) and the rear spring on the Honda Crosstourer ('12- onwards). Patent No: GB2459728

Customer Testimonials
R&G ShockTube

I have been using a R&G Shocktube now for many years, firstly on my 2014 BMW F800GS Adventure, and now on my 2010 BMW R1200GS Adventure.  When I changed the bike late last year it was one of the first accessories I purchased, in fact having rode the bike home it didn’t go out onto road again until the front and rear shocks had received a coating of ACF-50 and were safely wrapped up in a ‘Shocktube.’

‘Why?’ I hear you ask…


On trading in my F800GS Adventure I learnt the benefits of keeping things nice, the dealer almost pulled my arm off for the bike and had it sold within a day or two or me handing it over.  So the easy sale for me meant I did fairly well against the trade in and was off down the road on my R1200GSA.  The bike was left in like new, the shocks looked as if they had just been fitted!

Therefore without hestitation I bought front and rear ‘ShockTubes’ for the R1200GSA.

On this bike they were an absolute nightmare to get on.

(Remember my own personal tip and give the shock a good coating of ACF-50 before putting the actual ‘ShockTube’ on.)  

I had to get the better half to help out as my hands were just too big to get in at the shocks and get the cable ties on, so if you have big hands remember to get some help from someone with small grippers!

Once on though you can rest easy.  I have already given these a good trial, taking the bike to Wales in February (2017).  There I got very accustomed to riding in the rain.  Rain + B Class roads = muck, dirt, dust, sludge, water – you get it. 600 miles later of constant rain and the bike looked like this…

BMW R1200GS Adventure

BMW R1200GS Adventure

And that is after drying out!

With such conditions you have the nightmare scenario of dust and dirt, mixing with water to make a horrid grinding paste.  Imagine that paste on your shocks, up and down, up and down like sandpaper on the shocks.  Horrible.

This is where the ‘ShockTube’ comes in and excels.  That previously mentioned horrid paste can now only get as far the ‘ShockTube.’  Your shock now is protected and free from dirt and grime.  Any water that gets through the neoprene ‘ShockTube’ simply just gets dried out with the air flowing through it, so you don’t need to worry about it remaining soaking wet in there.  (You also have a second layer of proetction in there coming from the ACF-50).

I gave the bike a good rinsing off and then took the ‘ShockTube(s)’ off.  What I was met with was no surprise…

R&G ShockTube (BMW R1200GSA Front) following 600 miles  through the Welsh Rain in February 2017

R&G ShockTube Outside (BMW R1200GSA Front) following 600 miles through the Welsh Rain in February 2017

R&G ShockTube Inside (BMW R1200GSA Front) following 600 miles  through the Welsh Rain in February 2017

R&G ShockTube Inside (BMW R1200GSA Front) following 600 miles through the Welsh Rain in February 2017

As you can see from the first photograph, even after a thorough rinsing the ingredients for the damaging paste still exist.  Without the ‘ShockTube’ that grime would continue to work and damage your motorcycle.

From the second photograph you can see the inside of the ‘ShockTube’ and hopefully you can see that there is no grime, dirt, dust etc there, so the barrier action of the ‘ShockTube has worked magnificently.  None of the damaging dirt and grime make it to your shock – you are protected.

And here is the shock, (the photograph taken as soon as the ‘ShockTube was removed) – looking exactly as it did before it was covered.

BMW R1200GSA Front Shock following removal of 'ShockTube' after 600 miles through the Welsh Rain in February 2017

BMW R1200GSA Front Shock following removal of ‘ShockTube’ after 600 miles through the Welsh Rain in February 2017

For me the R&G ShockTube is an easy product to recommend.  I have one on the front and rear of my bike, and it will continue to be one of the first accessories I will buy for any future bike –  You can protect your shocks with a good coating of ACF-50 and a R&G ShockTube for less than £35.

Disclosure : This is a review based on my own personal experinces and containing my opinions.  I purchased my own ShockTubes at RRP and am not endorsed or rewarded for this review in any way.

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