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Testimonials: Yamaha MT-07 saved from Lowslide damage Setting the standard in crash protection and bolt-on motorcycle accessories

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Yamaha MT-07 saved from Lowslide damage

I was riding my bike to work in the morning on the 8th of June on a straight road with slight bends with a 100kmh speed limit, as I was going around a slight bend I hit a patch of oil and the bike lost traction and lowsided, I slid for what felt like forever.

All I could think about when sliding is I really hope them sliders work as I saw my bike slide away.

As I got to the bike I picked it up and pushed it to the side of the road, I thought the bike was ruined but was I glad I invested in R&G sliders as they saved my whole bike from being torn apart, everything was fine except for a bent shift lever which I could still ride with and a small scratch on one fairing.

I will definitely be using R&G sliders on all my future bikes as I am extremely happy with the outcome of the crash.

I chose to use R&G for the great style and also hearing many great reviews but now I am even more convinced that they work and work very well after being able to ride my bike away from the crash with very minor damage, they are well worth the investment and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to protect their bikes.

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