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Testimonials: Triumph Street Triple 675 Low SideSetting the standard in crash protection and bolt-on motorcycle accessories

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Triumph Street Triple 675 Low Side

I'm an owner of a Triumph Street Triple 675 , last week I got caught out in a typically heavy September shower on my way home  from Belfast , not far from home I was on a busy road used by a lot of buses and commuters the heavy shower had activated a lot of diesel and oil patches ,I can't blame the buses directly but as there's a bus service depot off this road, I would hazard a guess good old public transport might have been at fault . With the wet conditions I couldn't see exactly were it all was and partly to a lack of total concentration on my part and the  road I hit a patch of diesel and my front wheel just went from below me resulting in a low side fall with the bike coming down on its left side . I had r and g fork protection rear bobbins and Aero crash protection, the only damage to my bike was a small scrape on the stator cover no plastics damaged swingarm untouched, I can honestly say without the R&G I can only guess the damage the bike might have inflicted . You get what you pay for and I have already replaced the R&G that bore the brunt of this tarmac slide. Excellent products and I would have no hesitation recommending them to fellow bikers.

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