Testimonials: Yamaha YZF-R1 track slide Setting the standard in crash protection and bolt-on motorcycle accessories

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Yamaha YZF-R1 track slide

Hitting the deck is any riders nightmare and at a track day last year this nightmare became my reality when breaking into Edwinas at Mallory, I downshifted and didn’t rev match properly locking up the rear resulting in quite a nice slide over to the verge. After dragging myself up I sheepishly looked over to my pride and joy who was lying peacefully on her side after a decent date with the asphalt. When I got her up I was shocked by how well she looked, admittedly she had some scars that were always going to happen, but the level of damage was far lower than I could have hoped, the trick was my R&G slider which was now a nub of scratched and melted plastic sacrificing itself for the greater good.

When I showed the Yamaha dealer he said simply without the protection I was looking at a write-off or a rather expensive rebuild of upwards of £6k, however, I have now got away with a £400 bill for some paintwork and some new leavers and bar ends. I can’t thank R&G enough for making a product that not only looks good but does its job perfectly. Thankfully I still have an operational bike even managing to ride another two sessions after the crash and my bank balance isn’t hurting just my shoulder…..and leg……..and pride.


All I can say is thank you so much for making a product that works and that has actual value in its purchase and implementation. You kept my girl alive. 


Adam R





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