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Testimonials: Engine Case Covers saves bike at SnettertonSetting the standard in crash protection and bolt-on motorcycle accessories

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Engine Case Covers saves bike at Snetterton

We see on Instagram every day the products we use on our bikes however, very rarely do we see them actually tested!! 😁
Check this out. R&G Engine covers by @rg_crashprotection.
I lowsided after trailbraking hard at turn 3 at Snetterton yesterday, the bike went down at some speed, repaired a few bits thanks massively to @tom_rides@paulcunvin @mimi_r6 @rsv4_monkey@vinnygerjoe.
If i hadn't have had this engine casing cover on i could've said goodbye to the remainder of my day on track and a hefty bit of time and money as the engine would have been ground down.
Massive, massive props to @rg_crashprotection, if it wasn't for this i wouldn't have enjoyed the rest of my day!!
Play it safe, use protection!!! 😜

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