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DENALI MT Series Waterproof Connector Set, Male & Female Connectors With Terminals & SealsDENDNL.CTR.MT04

These premium MT Series Waterproof Connectors are used in the DENALI 2.0 lights and harnesses. The kit includes both the male and female connector, crimp-on terminals, as well as waterproofing wire seals. Using an affordable crimping tool, these connectors can be crimped onto wires in seconds to modify, customize, or replace electrical connections.

You can also use these connector sets to make plug and play connections of other brands of accessories to the DENALI CANsmart Controller or ...

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DENALI 2.0 Plug'nPlay CANsmart for KTM 790/1290 Duke, 790 adventure, 1090 & 1190 Adventure, and 1290 Super Adventure models. DENDNL.WHS.13000

Denali didn't want to make just another accessory controller, they wanted to make a smarter one.

Plug-n-Play with the Denali CANsmart Controller and always be covered with the Denali 5-year warranty vs the average 2-year warranty from competitor brands!

Harness the flexibility and intelligence of your CANbus electrical system to make installation of accessories drastically easier with the DENALI CANsmart™ Controller. The CANsmart provides for plug-and-play installation of up t...

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DENALI Driving Light Mounts For KTM 790 Adventure / R '19DENLAH.04.10200

This vehicle specific driving light mount allows you to mount any DENALI driving light in the optimum location on your KTM 790 Adventure / R.

What's in the Box:

Sturdy anodized aluminum clamps
Beefy powder coated steel brackets with a M8 mounting hole
Mounting hardware
Installation instructions

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