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Testimonials: GSXR Saved by R&G Aero BobbinsSetting the standard in crash protection and bolt-on motorcycle accessories

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GSXR Saved by R&G Aero Bobbins
Basically I was riding happily along after a suit fitting for my wedding on the 18th of February when my front brake just locked up.
I hit the tarmac on my right shoulder breaking my collarbone in two places.

I was doing about 50mph at the time of the crash and my bike slide a good hundred metres of so with me following it.

When I purchased the bike (Suzuki GSXR 1000 K9) I had the full R&G racing pack fitted which included paddock bobbins, fork protectors and of course the aero crash bung.
Obviously the state I was in I couldn't left the bike and in shock I didn't think to look at the bike.

Three of Four days later I finally convinced my fiancee (now wife!) to let me go and see the bike. As per the letter, I was amazed, relieved and so happy about the lack of damage. Chiefly the brake pedal had bent in, fairing had bent a little (from the impact) and the exhaust was a little scratched.

So in short I was over the moon about the R&G products doing their job so well and have already been singing their praises on Gixerjunkies & EssexBikers
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